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Welcome to Creativity Uncorked

Our Story

Uncorked was created to address a need for creative outlets. a chance to get our hands dirty while creating something special. From Kid's parties, to Couple's night, Girl's night out, we put a unique angle to social experience.

What We Do

Uncorked is more than just a paint and sip studio. We provide the environment for a variety of art parties: paint parties, glass etching, candle making and pinch pottery. Have your owe unique idea? Let us know, we'll create it!

Why Creativity Uncorked?

Because we take pride in providing the best experience. We simplify every process to make creating art on a high level enjoyable, achievable, and memorable. So sign up and create some memories with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I schedule/plan a private party?

Yes, we would love to have you to our studio for a private party. To inquire, please send us a message with some general information including: Desired date and time, desired subject matter, number of expected painters, and any other relevant information. Once a date and time is agreed upon, we will send an invoice for the required deposit, and once that deposit is paid, your date and time is secure.

When is my deposit Due?

Deposits are due AT LEAST 10 days prior to the scheduled private paint party. Deposits not paid will result in your party being cancelled, and the time slot made available to other entities. **Deposits go towards stencil creation if necessary, and individual painters’ fees at the time of the party. **

Is my deposit refundable?

No, deposits are not refundable, short of act of god circumstances (plaque, public shutdowns etc). The deposit locks in the time and prevents other customers from utilizing that time within the diy studio. It also ensures that our artist time is valued in preparation for the paint party.

Do We have to paint/create the pre-determined image for the paint party?

No you do not, you are free to paint whatever your heart, skill level, and time frame allows.  We will, however, as the lead artists focus upon leading the party artist through the predetermined image/subject and provide assistance to “freelancers” when time permits.  If you would like personal instruction through creating personal projects, please inquire about our Art lessons where we will be honored to give you all the individual attention you will need to be successful in your creating.

Can I Bring Food beverages and Decorations to the Art party?

Yes, you can absolutely bring your food, beverage(s) of choice, and decortions to either a public offering, or a private art parties. We encourage our guest artist to be comfortable and to bring those things that may make this experience as enjoyable as possible.

Can I bring my own music?

Yes, absolutely, we encourage this and keep a Bluetooth speaker and aux cord on premises for any desiring patron to use. If you have another mode to play your desired music, please let us know in advance and we will work to accommodate you.

Do I need to bring Art Supplies?

NO, we provide ALL necessary art supplies(and some unnecessary).  Including but not limited to:  Aprons, easels, workstation, paint, paint brushes, pallets, rags, stencils, jars, etc.

Will I need to Clean Up?

NO, we setup all creating materials, and we clean and reset the studio when your party concludes. Simply leave your apron on the chair that you found it, and don’t forget your original painting to take with and show off to your friends, we’ll take care of the rest.

Do you have paintings for all skill levels?

YES we do. At Creativity Uncorked we take pride in simplifying all our design creating. We use a variety of tools from stencils to stamps and beyond, all to make the process achievable for everyone. And in the event those tools do not make creating easier for you, our lead artist will assist and guide you through your creation making corrections and adjustments along the way. In short, we will take every measure to ensure that you leave our diy studio with a piece of art that you can be proud of.